a difficult day

One of my coworkers was killed in a car accident Friday, so the week has been filled with figuring out what to do to help her students continue in the program. I’ve been so busy with the students, starting my own classes to finish my coursework for my doctorate, and teaching my own classes this week that I have had little time to reflect on losing Erica.

I want to know only one detail in this tragedy, and that is that she didn’t suffer. She died instantly and never knew what hit her, and that’s what I want to remember. I loved her as a friend and as a coworker, and we became very close after going through some difficult transitions within her program. She was strong and had grown into an incredible leader.

I thank God for the time He gave us to get to know each other and to appreciate and learn from each other. Erica, I will miss our 5:00 am swims, chicken fried steak at the line cafe, and your pedicures. I love you, baby, and I know you and your precious baby Cliff are flying high with the angels.

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